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  1. Oct 26,  · There's always astigmatism, presbyopia, corneal issues, retinal diseases, glaucoma, and many other things that can blur your vision or blind you. It's normal for your vision to get worse in .
  2. I work in a restaurant, so I have to be happy and cheerful all the time when dealing with customers. I don't know if it just drains me, but I can't seem to enjoy any of my days off.
  3. Aug 16,  · Nearly everybody at some point in their life requires or will require some kind of vision correction, either in the form of glasses, contacts, or laser lens surgery. Corrective lenses, or glasses.
  4. The vision can be blurry and the eye can feel scratchy for 4- 7 days. You will have a contact lens placed on your eye immediately after surgery. This acts as a temporary bandage and stays in place for days, while the patient uses eye drops. Once the contact is removed the patient will continue to use eye drops for a longer period of time.
  5. Many people with macular degeneration or other types of vision loss, will alternate from reading their favorite books to listening to their favorite books. devices that can be used, depending on the type of technology that works best for you. It can be anything from an old cassette player, CD player, MP3 player, iPod, iPhone or an.
  6. New Vision Ministries Yesterday at AM · We can allow the bad things that have happened in our lives to keep us victims for the rest of our lives, OR we can use those things as a point of setting our face in a new direction towards overcoming.
  7. 1. Remember, just because you want something (or someone) doesn’t mean it’s good for you. You can’t give into every single temptation. You can’t impulsively do the first thing that pops into your head. Your actions have consequences. Before you make a decision, you .

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