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  1. Why not! Two of my oldest friends, Paul and Farrell Finnin, live in Rocky River. If you know them, say hello from me.😎😷 🌎.
  2. Oh, why not tonight? Oh, why not tonight? Wilt thou be saved? Then why not tonight? Tomorrow’s sun may never rise To bless thy long-deluded sight; This is the time, oh, then be wise, Be saved, oh, tonight. Our Lord in pity lingers still, And wilt thou thus His love requite? Renounce at once thy stubborn will, Be saved, oh, tonight. Our.
  3. Why in the name of God are you so angry Could It be that you can no longer stand me Tell me and I will go You're breaking my heart just in case you didn't know Oh why, oh why, oh why Oh why, oh why, oh why Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons!
  4. "Why Oh Why" by Stephane Huguenin, Yves Sanna & Christian Padovan (credited in-game as Love Letter) is featured as a downloadable track on the Xbox version of Just Dance 3, and is available on the main tracklist of Just Dance: Summer tecamlonanphobagoocompmanhagiti.xyzinfo Name: WhyOWhy.
  5. About “Oh Woman, Oh Why” Released by Apple Records in February as the B-side to “Another Day.” The bluesy song would later be added as a bonus track to remastered editions of “Ram.”.
  6. Oh Why by Sami Switch, released 01 June I need a god to feed my soul from this famine, I do believe but i don’t understand it, I lost my mind on the road to this freedom, Cos my abyss is a life without reason, Oh why, oh why, oh why oh Why do i put my self through this, Oh why, oh why, oh why oh Why do i put my self through this, Oh why, oh why, oh why oh I hope the sufferings worth it.
  7. Oh woman, oh why, why, why, why What have I done Oh woman, oh where, where, where, where, where Did you get that gun Oh what have I done What have I done Well I met her at the bottom of a well (of a well) Well I told here I was tryin' to break a spell (break a spell) But I can't get by, my hands are tied don't why I ever got her to try myself.
  8. Lyrics to 'Oh Why?' by Little Richard. I dreamed I was arrested Charged with a crime Forgot to plead innocent 'Cause darling, you're not mine Little Richard - Oh Why?

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