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  1. The MIGHTY DIAMONDS/TRINITY/JOE GIBBS & THE PROFESSIONALS. Hypocrite. VP. Cat: VP Rel: 28 Oct Roots/Lovers Rock. The Mighty Diamonds - "Hypocrite" (dubplate) Trinity - "John Saw Them Coming" Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - "Roots Kunta Kintye" e .
  2. However, one passage, I John , in four popular translations—the King James, the New King James, the New Living Bible, and the Amplified Bible Classic—appears to support the Trinity doctrine by using additional verbiage missing from most other translations.
  3. he unveiling of the Divine Trinity in John 14 is mar-velous, mysterious, and profound, yet this unveiling is presented in elegantly simple language. In this chapter we have the revelation of the Divine Trinity, the experience of the Divine Trinity, and the goal of the Divine Trinity, all of which are intrinsically related to the divine economy.
  4. VP release the Mighty Diamonds' previously unreleased "dubplate" version of Bob Marley's Hypocrite c/w Trinity's old school toast and its original dub side; the A side plays at 45rpm, the B side at They also revive one of Gibbs' old labels for the project, that ties in with the recent Mighty Diamonds .
  5. 6 Jun - This board will allow me to indulge my love & nostalgia for great reggae record label designs of the last 40+ years. See more ideas about Label design, Reggae and My love pins.
  6. The vainglory of life is the vainglory which belongs to the present life. On βίος life, as distinguished from ζωη. life, see on John Of the Father (ἐκ τοῦ πατρός) Do not spring forth from the Father. On the expression εἶναι ἐκ to be of, see on John "He, therefore, who is always occupied with the.

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