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Power Metal

  1. Bad Medicine Bon Jovi Tribute Band offers you a show that Bon Jovi used to do in the 80s. The years of the first albums: Bon Jovi, ° Fahrenheit and the award-winning albums Slippery When Wet and New Jersey!
  2. Your love is like bad madicine Bad medicine is what I need Shake it up, just like bad madicine So let's play doctor, baby Cure my disease Bad, bad medicine Bad, bad medicine [Solo] I need a respirator cause I'm running out of breath You're an all night generator wrapped is stockings and a dress When you find your medicine you take what you can get.
  3. This bon jovi album is one of the best cds I have ever listened to. It doesnt have the the same addictive sound that Slippery When Wet does because this album has more of a heavy metal pop to it,but the cd has so many good songs like Bad Medicine,Lay Your Hands On Me,Born To Be My Baby,and Living In Sin. By blake parker (brandon,ms).

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