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  1. Coastal communities in India are confronting the effects of sea-level rise, erosion, flooding, and cyclones. This article examines displacement and migration from Odisha, the Sundarbans delta, and Majuli island in the state of Assam, examining national and state responses and the principles that could inform the design of policies to address displacement due to climate-related hazards.
  2. Nov 04,  · 'Migrants are often exclusively studied in their countries of destination, but to better understand life courses and study changes in demographic behaviour, .
  3. Life course epidemiology. Life course epidemiology can be defined as the study of physical or social exposures during gestation, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood and also adult life, with the aim ofexamining their long-term effects on health or disease risk in later life [].Life course epidemiology can help to construct models of disease aetiology with an emphasis on timing.
  4. These affluent migrants talk about their migration in terms of factors such as more amenable climate, a slower pace of life, more recreational opportunities etc (see Torkington, ). It is.
  5. In this study, the social, legal and economic obstacles that transit migrants face in their daily life have been presented in their own words with an ethnographic method. Ehrkamp and Leitner () mention that, it is possible to witness migrants' daily life, troubles and struggle by means of ethnographic studies.
  6. Facebook fosters the construction of the good life in migrant identity work. • Multimodal resources articulate and silence certain aspects of migrant reality. • Facebook family photography potentially signifies migrants’ national belonging. • The migrant gaze transforms everyday images to narratives of place and ideal life.
  7. FEMALE MIGRANTS: BRIDGING THE GAPS THROUGHTOUT THE LIFE CYCLE iii FOREWORD Over the past 40 years, as migration trends have grown increasingly complex, the number of female migrants has also steadily risen. Female migrants now constitute nearly half of all migrants worldwide with an overwhelming majority migrating to developed countries.
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