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  1. Oct 11,  · Johnny discovered his talent for cooking when in jail. Love at first sight bites Johnny on seeing Frankie. He makes direct attempts to get her heart. But deep a wound in Frankie's heart would not let her give her heart to Johnny/10(K).
  2. Feb 13,  · G Well now Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts They were true as a blue, blue sky C He was a long-legged guitar-picker D With a wicked, wondering eye G But he was her man nearly all of the time Well Johnny he packed up a leaven' But he promised he'd be back C He said he had a little picking' to do G A little further down the track D G He said,"I'm your man, I wouldn't do you wrong" .
  3. Well Frankie walked into the bar room And right there in front of her eyes There was her loving Johnny Making love to that Nellie Bly I was her man, she caught me doing her wrong Frankie, I beg, please don't shoot me Well they'll put you away in a cell You know they'll put you where the cold wind blows From the hottest corner in hell.
  4. Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts oh Lordy how they did love Swore to be true to each other true as the stars above He was her man he was doing her wrong Frankie went down to .
  5. Frankie (Donna Douglas) is a riverboat entertainer who despairs of her gambling singing partner Johnny (Elvis Presley), but is too in love with him to end their partnership. Songs include 'Shout It Out' and 'Beginner's Luck'/5().
  6. Frankie and Johnny was sweethearts, oh Lord how they did love Swore to be true to each other, true as the stars above He was her man, he wouldn't do her wrong .
  7. Frankie and Johnny (94) 1h 27min NR Join Elvis Presley and Donna Douglas for a riverboat ride of rollicking musical entertainment in this charming .
  8. His-and-her nudity is front and center in “Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune” — but this rom-dram’s success isn’t measured in flesh alone. Audra McDonald and Michael Shannon both.

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