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  1. Fun Fact: For the Harry Potter fans out there – the Hogwarts Express is a real train which runs across 84 miles of railway in the United Kingdom (in Western Scotland). If you’re in Scotland, you can ride on it! Kids Train Jokes. Q: How did the locomotive get so good at it’s job? A: Training. Q: When does a rabbit go exactly as fast as a train?
  2. Train of Thought. Your task is to guide an increasing number of trains to their stations. You must divide your attention to guide them all simultaneously. Attention is a limited resource that can track only so much information at once — so you must use your attention efficiently by planning ahead.
  3. Following out Brown's train of thought through the works of his legion students (Traylor and Winston included), it is today possible - as many in the academy are doing - to imagine African American literature at the very heart of American literature, to conceptualize a healthy cultural open-heartedness (call it "multiculturalism," "pluralism," or what you will), and to understand in a concrete way the .
  4. Once again you can now stop the train and save five lives by simply pulling a lever. But in this case, pulling the lever will not divert the train. Instead, it will open the trapdoor, causing the man to fall through it and onto the track in front of the train.
  5. But one day by dint of sheer chance and perverse good luck Vernon happened to be struck by a rather smashing train of thought. There is a train of thought in some political circles that the end justifies the means. Ethan's train of thought was cut short by a man dressed in monochromatic gray.
  6. The train of thought or track of thought refers to the interconnection in the sequence of ideas expressed during a connected discourse or thought, as well as the sequence itself, especially in discussion how this sequence leads from one idea to another.
  7. Train of thought definition is - a series of thoughts or ideas that someone is having. How to use train of thought in a sentence.
  8. Synonyms for lose train of thought at tecamlonanphobagoocompmanhagiti.xyzinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for lose train of thought.

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